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At Healthy Balanced Body, partners Janine Cheung and Gordon Pfeffer, have brought together a unique set of diverse and powerful healing therapies, that range from cutting edge mind-body therapy to traditional oriental healing disciplines that can help you regain your health and bring balance to your life. Each form of healing therapy offered at Healthy Balanced Body possesses the capacity to not only truly heal the participant, but to also empower them with the knowledge and tools to maintain their health and well-being by achieving the desired state of a healthy, balanced body.

The Healthy Balanced Body Approach

Our "whole person" approach to fertility, mobility, health and healing emphasizes the restoration of the mental, physical, and emotional health and well-being of each individual we treat. Regardless of whether you desire relief from an acute disorder, or assistance in resolving chronic health conditions or infertility, our therapies are able to assist you. Optimal health, renewed vitality, a heightened sense of well-being, improved mobility and restoration of fertility can all be obtained.

The healing disciplines offered at Healthy Balanced Body range from an advanced form of traditional oriental medicine called Jin Shin Jyutsu, to the modern scientific mind-body approach to fertility and healing of The Whole Person Fertility Program, and the next wave of energy healing, the scientifically proven, Reconnective Healing. Each of these healing disciplines can be effectively used on an individual basis, in a complementary fashion with one another, or in an integrative manner to optimize and enhance conventional medical treatments.

In addition to the benefits and sense of well-being that our clients have derived from these powerful healing therapies, many have choosen to learn to apply effective self-help techniques which Healthy Balanced Body teaches in a workshop format. Studying and applying these powerful self-help techniques endows the individual with the confidence and sense of control which comes with knowing how to effectively maintain your own health and well-being at any age.

We encourage you to take the journey through the rest of our site. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have, and look forward to providing you with a path to your own optimal health and well-being, and a truly healthy, balanced body.

Warm Regards
Gordon Pfeffer & Janine Cheung

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